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Quant-U is a platform where future technologies combine to build a footwear revolution. A new paradigm in comfort, fit and performance customized around you using intimate digital data while never forgetting about your personal habits and preferences. At ILE we believe that through Quantification we can gather enough data to become the best version of ourselves, providing you the means to make your environment adapt to you and not vice versa. Because shoes are made for average fitting people but nobody is truly average.

Proprietary "In Shoe" Sensor Suite

An intuitive sensory system developed by ECCO Innovation Lab with Cambridge Design Partnership that does not require the wearer to change the way they interact with the world; elegantly designed to make the wearer oblivious to its existence, yet comparable to gold standards in bio-mechanics testing equipment. 

Real-time analysis builds a compelling picture of how you interact with your environment, making personal intimate data matter for the inception of a better individualized product while contributing to larger data trends that could change the way we functionally design footwear. Your intimate data, your environment, your footwear platform; true customization begins with you, for you.

An In-Shoe Biomechanic Lab

ECCO Augmented Silicone Cores are not to be confused with customized inlay soles. They actually substitute 75% of the midsole polyurethane while including full orthotic functionality. We managed to keep our highest quality leather uppers and direct injected footwear cosmetically and functionally unaltered while radically transforming their interior. The results are fully bespoke performing components that can be removed from the 3D printer and inserted in a shoe within few seconds without any post production. Despite these effortless rapid production processes, these components transform the biomechanic behavior of the footwear quite dramatically to match any individual need.

The Best Material For Footwear

Where Can I Experience Quant-U?

Consumers selected internationally will soon get the chance to have their shoes customized with midsoles made using data captured by wearable sensors and 3D scanners generating a full digital analysis of individual feet and motion. Shoes will be automatically engineered to a wearer's unique biomechanical and orthotic parameters representing a revolution in ultimate engineered comfort.